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All Insurance Claims Welcomed

At Walker Auto Glass, our mission is to provide every customer with quality, professional and convenient service.

We accept and process claims for all insurance companies. They like us because we accommodate each of their individually determined rates and we install only quality auto glass backed by our lifetime warranty. We have contract rates with each insurance company in regards to how much we can charge, and how much they will pay, per job. Periodically, these rates are reviewed and revised to better match current industry standards.

You have the legal right to choose any glass shop you want. Don't let your insurance agent or glass network tell you different.

What you may not know!
You may not be talking to your insurance company at all! When you call that 1-800 number given to you by your insurance company to report a glass claim, you are talking to a “network”, not your insurance company. Most networks also have glass shops. If you are not careful, you may be manipulated into using their shop. If you have a preferred shop, be sure to tell them who you choose! Insurance companies set the pricing structures for all shops and we accept their payment as payment in full. Don’t be misled! You have the right to choose with no extra cost to you. Choose a shop that you trust and that will provide you with service and workmanship that you can count on. Walker Auto Glass will take pride in the work they do on you auto.

The auto glass network may tell you that:
The glass shop you request is not on their list.
That if you don't use a shop on their list there may be no warranty.
That you may have to pay money out-of-pocket if you don't use their preferred shops.

The facts are:
No one can take your right to choose away from you.
You will be protected by our "Lifetime warranty".
It will not cost you one dime more to use Walker Auto Glass.

Satisfaction Guarantee
Since the beginning, Walker Auto Glass has been built and based on customer satisfaction. Whether your taking advantage of our convenient on-site replacement or in-shop service you'll always receive friendly, professional and quality service. Our windshield repairs and replacements are backed by our written lifetime warranty.